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Immigration situations are stressful and confusing. We know what you’re going through, and you can trust that we have the experience, training, and knowledge to guide you through the process.


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Our lawyers have many years of experience in family, asylum, and business-related immigration services, including deportation defense.


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By hiring us to handle your case from beginning to end, you gain the advantage of our knowledge, professional reputation, access to multiple offices, and relationships with immigration officials.

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“The Best Immigration Lawyer in Tampa!”

Dr. Martins I. Imudia is a immigration lawyer with integrity. He keeps himself well informed on changes concerning the execution of the laws of this land and educated me when I needed it. He is warm, very professional and extremely thorough. It was a both pleasure and a blessing to have him a my lawyer. I highly recommend him to those seeking help with matters of immigration.


Martins I. Imudia is very professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and experienced in his work. He is up to date on immigration issues. He is very friendly and comfortable to discuss matters relating to immigration among other things.
I strongly recommend him for anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer.
I had a very complicated immigration case and almost gave up on it until a friend of mine recommended me Martins Imudia. At the very 1-st appointment, he explained what is going on with my case now, what are my next steps , what are my chances to get GC. i walked out his office very confident and much happier, then b4 appt.
Long story short, he got me permanent green card within 2 years. As i said earlier i had a very complicated case and i already gave up on even thinking to get permanent gc. the reason it took so long was that immigration had lost my files, then they find them. Then they switch the officers on my case. Then we had hard time getting any answers from immigration for around 6-8 moths. And when they finally responded, it was a permanent green card! i cannot describe how happy i was! The best immigration lawyer Tampa has to offer!
Thank you very much Martins Imudia!!!


Mr. Imudia was very thorough in his approach to handling my immigration petition. He is very approachable, aggressive and honest. During our initial meeting, he was very articulate in guiding my expectations. He provided me with regular updates. My case was approved and I attributed the favorable decision to his professionalism and knowledge of the law. If you’re looking for an immigration lawyer, look no further than the Center for U.S. Immigration Services they are the best you can get!


Martins Imudia is an excellent immigration lawyer who has represented several individual with all amount of respect, trust and steadfastness. I have no doubts in whatsoever that he is the most knowledgeable and informed layer I have come across. For me, he has an excellent/awesome rating I recommend Martins to anyone I know looking for an immigration lawyer in Tampa because I truly know you are in the absolute best hands ever!

Kevin, Best lawyer ever with an awesome/excellent background!

Martins I. Imudia is one of the BEST immigration lawyers in the Tampa, with a level of diligence that is hard to match. He is reliable and he is all you need on your side. Above all, he always prove his worth. I am proud to say he is my Lawyer.

Kassandra, One of the BEST!!!

“I am now a US citizen with a stable job, own a house and have my own practice and enjoying America. As I look back I am very grateful to Martins Imudia and his staff who were with me during the immigration process. Martins made himself and staff available at all times explaining each step in the process addressing any concerns I had and putting my mind at ease in what could have been the most stressful time in my life. Martins also made the payments easy for me (affordable monthly installments) which did help a lot since I did not have a job until I got a work permit which came about 4 weeks after my papers were filed. Today, with Martins’ help, my son is a US citizen too and proudly serving as an officer in the United States Army, and I no longer have to worry about the wellbeing of my parents in Africa because they helped me through the process of filing for them to be here too. I cannot thank Martins enough but keep recommending him to others so they can enjoy the privilege I enjoyed as his client”

Thank You,


Wonderful service, very helpful, professional with maximum efficiency !! Thank you Dr. Martins

From a brand new green card holder !!!