It has been an exciting and tumultuous past few years for U.S. immigration law firms and their clients across the nation. Chaos and hardship have been the name of the game, but with the election of a new president, change in immigration is on the horizon. Though welcome changes are coming, many challenges remain for immigrants and immigration lawyers in the U.S. alike. Over the past few years, we have endured strict policy changes, a green card backlog, a global pandemic, and much more. Now with drastic policy reversals and reforms to boot, there are many issues the immigrant must consider in the challenging year that lies ahead.

The immigration system of the United States is no walk in the park, especially today. The ever-growing complexities and delays you will be sure to face indicate you will need the best immigration attorneys in USA to get you started. Many immigration issues exist that you might struggle with this year, but fortunately, professional help is available. Here is what some of our U.S. immigration law firm professionals at CFUIS have to say about some of what you should expect.

1. Good News for Immigrant Lawyers and Clients Alike with Joe Biden as President

Many immigrants and U.S. immigration law firms have welcomed the election of Joe Biden as a breath of fresh air. The immigration system is certainly still not without its hurdles and challenges, but he does represent new policies and paradigm shifts. Even as early as his first day in office, he has been busy undoing many of Trump’s immigration policies. Some of his early executive orders have focused on the border. For instance, he ordered a pause and review MPP. This program and policy, commonly known as “remain in Mexico,” requires asylum seekers from other countries to remain there until their asylum court dates.

He has also established a task force to reunite parents with their children under Trump-era family separations. Some of his orders have focused on matters at home, however, including an order to review the “Public Charge” rule. The rule would have allowed green card applications to be denied if officials believed the applicant would potentially rely on public assistance in the future. The Biden administration has signaled they hope to end the policy long-term.

In addition, hope for many immigrants has opened up in countries like Nigeria, once excluded from travel to the U.S. by what began as President Trump’s “Muslim Ban.” You can also breathe sighs of relief as Liberians to whom he has restored the chance for DEP status. Over 300,000 Venezuelans will also have a chance of enjoying Temporary Protected Status. Each of these programs, respectively, will allow immigrants from these countries already here to stay.

Joe Biden has made many changes and has proposed sweeping reforms to the United States immigration system. However, many believe his changes will arrive too slow and face many challenges ahead. As this political storm continues, many immigrants are seeking the best immigration attorneys in USA to help. Without a doubt, you will need the assistance of a proven and professional immigration law firm like ours at CFUIS to navigate this tumultuous climate.

2. EB-2 Challenges Lie Ahead

Relief may or may not be in sight, especially for many EB-2 visa seekers who still face many challenges under the current system. The employment backlog remains at an all-time high, and it is hard to say what relief may come. Biden’s immigration proposals do involve clearing backlogs and raising caps. However, they also seem to favor family and humanitarian immigration categories. Even now, applicants seeking a green card from India may face significant waiting time.

Receipt notices also continue to face delays for many employment-based categories. Due to ongoing struggles at lockbox facilities, USCIS will continue to issue receipts at a much slower rate. This will affect applications regarding work authorization, permanent residency, and more. Fortunately, it will not affect the receipt date of the application itself. Sadly, there is little one can do about these delays, but we are not completely helpless.

A qualified U.S. immigration law firm like CFUIS can help you file a pristine application to have the best chances of approval. We can also help ensure you receive regular updates on your application’s status when available.

3. Immigration Interview Restrictions to Be Aware of For Covid-19

The USCIS has announced that it will be reopening some of its facilities and resuming some in-person services. With the pandemic still in full swing, however, many restrictions still remain in place. You will be expected to follow strict rules and hygienic behaviors once you enter the facilities. You will have to wear an approved mask and potentially other safety equipment. If you are sick or exhibiting any symptoms, you must stay home and call to reschedule. You must also have a healthy body temperature, and of course, you cannot have recently tested positive for COVID-19. Also, expect restrictions on those who engaged in recent international travel.

With these restrictions in place, you will still have to carefully prepare for your interview. You want to bring all of your evidence and any other required documentation. You need to be prepared to answer any questions the interviewer may have for you. It is imperative to seek the help of a qualified immigration attorney in the U.S. A qualified attorney can help you ensure that your interview is as successful as possible. Preparation is key, and a proven and reputable immigration law firm like CFUIS can guide you through the process and help you prepare all your documents. You want your interview process to be as efficient as possible, and that is where a knowledgeable immigration lawyer in the US can help.

4. Updates to USCIS Naturalization Exam

Preparing to become a U.S. citizen can be the most exciting moment in an immigrant’s life. The wrong result, however, can be devastating. It is absolutely critical to be aware of the exam requirements and what to do in the event that your exam goes wrong. Sadly, things will be even more confusing for aspiring naturalized citizens this year who should consider seeking the advice of a U.S. immigration lawyer.

Last year USCIS announced a new and updated version of the civics test for naturalization. However, earlier this year, the department announced it would be reverting the 2008 test version under the previous Obama administration. Applicants who filed their N-400 application for naturalization on December 1, 2020, or after and are scheduled to interview before April 19 of 2021 may take the 2020 or 2008 version. Everyone else will be required to take the 2008 civics exam.

If for any reason, you fail your exam or are denied citizenship, you should absolutely contact one of our professional immigration attorneys in the U.S. Before you go through, you should contact one of us anyway, especially if you want to be as prepared as possible for your interview. One of our U.S. immigration lawyers can also help you prepare and know what to expect. We can also help you determine which exam you are required to take.

5. Good News and Bad News for H-1B Visa Applicants

The current administration seems to be signaling some positive steps that prove beneficial to H-1B visa holders and applicants. However, some challenges lie ahead as well. Joe Biden initially announced a 60-day delay in implementing a rule that will prioritize H-1B workers earning higher wages, a regulation that could hurt workers and companies alike. More recently, he has proposed delaying the rule by at least 18 months. He has also announced a review of the Public Charge rule, which many have found to slow down and complicate the application process. Biden has also proposed reforms that will clear the path to citizenship for H-1B visa holder’s children and prevent children from aging out of the system on employment-based visas.

Many conflicts and challenges remain on H-1B visa programs, however, and the political future remains uncertain. It is likely that rules may be returned to pre-Trump Era periods, but reform may be unlikely. If you are seeking an H-1B Visa or hold one currently, you will want to be aware of what lies ahead. You need a trusted U.S. immigration law firm to take you through the next steps.

6. Future of the Border and Family Reunification

Early in his tenure, one of the first moves the new president made perhaps served as a symbol of the new policies to come. The newly elected administration has ordered an end to border wall construction. He has also signified support for asylum seekers put a pause to Trump Era “remain in Mexico” policies. He has also reinvigorated support for programs aimed to help refugees and migrants get settled in the United States.

Hope may also be in sight for those who hope to reunite with families who were separated during the Trump administration parent/child separations. President Biden has started a task force to reunite lost children with their parents, but many hardships and problems still lie ahead.

If your immigration status in the United States is uncertain, now is the time to contact an immigration lawyer. USA immigration policies are changing, perhaps for the better, but many complications remain. You will still need an attorney to see how these changes may hurt or help your chances in the U.S., and a solid U.S. immigration law firm like CFUIS can help ensure your endeavors are a success.

7. Late Response to Requests for Evidence: Exceptions Announced for Covid-19

The USCIS has faced many tremendous challenges, from an increased volume of applications to slowdowns in service due to COVID-19. Because of these challenges, many immigrants are facing challenges in providing evidence and other vital documentation in time. Fortunately, USCIS has announced new grace periods that will come with filing challenges. Responses to requests for evidence will be considered as long as they are received no later than 60 days after the response due date. Further, the process of appeals will see some relief as well, with the same grace period assigned to I-290Bs. Notices of Appeal for Motion will, for the time, still be considered as long as they are received by no later than 60 days after the response due date.

If you need help submitting or compiling evidence, you should contact a U.S. immigration law firm immediately. The best immigration attorneys in the USA are ones with inside experience and knowledge of the system. An immigration lawyer in the U.S. can also help you check on the status of your case and ensure success in the next steps.

Do not Navigate this Immigration Storm Alone

At USCIS, the waters are murky and choppy at best. Many positive changes appear to lie ahead, but many challenges also remain no what immigration category you find yourself in. It is more important than ever to find a trusted U.S. immigration law firm with a professional team to walk you through the process. Fortunately, CFUIS is here to help.

Most immigrants who experience delays or even immigration failures do so because they missed some detail or step in the process. With a knowledgeable immigration lawyer, USA immigration success becomes more solid, and you can eliminate the uncertainty that always comes with the process.

Do not let your immigration dreams become a red-tape nightmare. Call us at 800-403-8117 for a consultation and see how we can help you make the most of the changes to come.