What Are the Opportunities of a Foreign Business in The USA?

 A business owned by a non-citizen and which is operating in a foreign country is called a foreign business. The desire to build out your existing business from your current country of residence to another country is called foreign business expansion. The USA has attracted a lot of businesses because of its business-friendly environment and diversity. Besides, immigrant-owned businesses contribute immensely to the U.S. economy. If you have ever wondered or asked “Is the USA a good place to expand my business?,” the answer is yes. 

Why the USA is a good a place to start a Business

The USA, fondly called the Land of Plenty, allows many dreamers to dream, and a category of such dreamers is foreign business owners looking to expand their business into the USA. The USA is a good and profitable environment to start or expand a business because globally it has one of the largest and most integrated markets. It also serves as a stepping-stone to get a green card. More importantly, it provides a competitive tax regime and gives foreign citizens access to angel investors, venture capitals, and a host of other public markets. We will discuss businesses in the Cleaning Services Industry.

The Value of the Cleaning Services Market in the USA

In the USA, the Cleaning Services Industry is constantly growing, and in recent times, it reached an all-time high with the advent of Covid-19. The pandemic compelled many U.S. workers to work from home to curb the spread of the virus, which made companies and businesses outsource cleaning services. 

Generally, Covid-19 has made us more clean conscious than before. The rate at which people seek to hire professional cleaning services increased. Also, with the introduction of green technology, the market is experiencing consistent growth. If your next question is “Can I expand my foreign cleaning business to the USA?,” The answer remains yes. This is because the cleaning services market revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 6% from 2021 through 2026. Even more, the economy doesn’t determine the fluctuation of the businesses because of the steady nature of the market.

An Overview of Cleaning Industry and How to Expand into the USA

Suppose you are looking to expand your foreign cleaning business as an immigrant. In that case, there is critical information about the cleaning service industry that you must know about, most notably the significant components of the cleaning services industry in the USA.

The Cleaning Services Industry falls into two categories: the Residential and Commercial cleaning sector, which all provide the same janitorial cleaning, carpet, and window cleaning service but in different social settings.

  • Residential Cleaning Services: Also known as consumer cleaning services, it specializes in the cleaning of home surroundings such as the bedrooms, carpet cleanings, bathrooms, floors, and windows cleaning. This kind of cleaning service often provides maid-based services. The whole idea of the residential cleaning services is to clean the surroundings where people live.
  • Commercial Cleaning Services: This type of cleaning is carried out by persons or businesses for businesses or larger organizations such as factories, bars, offices, restaurants, etc. Their function requires commercial cleaning of machines, handling hazardous wastes, chemicals, and the likes. They often deal with different types of conditions and clientage. 

The above is to help inform your decision on the cleaning industry sector you wish to set up if you decide to expand your cleaning business into the USA. Also, it will assist you in focusing on a niche, identifying your business goals, and defining the price of your services accurately.

Immigration Pathway to Expanding a Cleaning Business into the USA

Expanding your cleaning business into the USA can be a lengthy and daunting process, but it’s not a process that a legal practitioner can’t make happen for you. In establishing an American branch for the business, the following are vital to enable your business operations to be fully functional and run smoothly.

  • At the Initials, you should determine the cleaning business sector you want to expand into, be it residential or commercial, or both.
  • Regardless of the sector you choose to operate in, you would need to apply for a visa if you are outside the U.S.
  • You must get acquainted with business laws related to finance, privacy, advertising, health care, employment, and intellectual property, to name a few.
  • Decide on the legal structure of the business. For example, you may choose between a C corporation, S Corporation, or an LLC.
  • Select the state where the business will operate. How the state would benefit from your business is also important.
  • Obtain a Federal Employer Tax Identification Number (FEIN). 
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with the innumerable licenses, regulations, and laws that guide businesses in the USA.

Our Candid Expert Advice

With the constant changes happening in the economic and political climate of the USA, you cannot make a hasty decision about starting or expanding your business into the United States. Instead, you must take your time to understand the pros and cons of starting your cleaning business and by doing so seek legal advice that would thoroughly and professionally assist you through the journey of setting up an American office for your cleaning business. 

If you are looking to expand your foreign business into the USA, the pieces of information you will find on the net may be complex and confusing. However, with the assistance of an experienced legal expert, this process of gulping in several pieces of information that could reduce your motivation to expand your business can be avoided. Contact us at the Center for US Immigration Services and we will make the process as smooth as possible for you.