Client Reviews and Testimonials – CFUIS Tampa


I had an amazing experience with Dr. Martins and the entire CFUIS team. I absolutely recommend their service to anyone who seeks for immigration assistance. The manpower of this firm is immensely awesome, and they are extremely devoted and enlightened. Always ready to listen, support and give timely feedback. They worked in ensuring that my green card application was approved swiftly. Their level of professionalism and efficiency all through the process was topnotch. Many thanks to this team for their maximum support.

Affiah L.

If you are looking for an experienced, well-informed attorney irrespective of the peculiarity of your case, Dr. Imudia is it. His legal advice is top-notch with several options to choose from- a trial will convince you.

Olanrewaju T.

Dr. Martins was very warm, candid, and highly professional. He showed deep understanding of the issues we raised and broadened our knowledge of the immigration process.

Ogunade O.

Dr. Martins provides a detailed and instructive assessment including options available for anyone that cares to immigrate to the US. The team was very professional and followed through in my case. Big thumb up and highly recommended to serious potential immigrants.

Zhang Y.

Dr. Martins and his team team displayed an exceptional level of professionalism and efficiency throughout the entire application process. They made sure that every detail of my green card application was meticulously handled. Their knowledge and expertise in immigration law were evident, as they navigated through the complex procedures seamlessly. They listened attentively to my concerns, patiently answered my questions, and provided timely updates. The personalized attention I received made me feel valued as a client, and I knew my case was in capable hands.

Thanks to the efforts of CFUIS, my green card application was approved swiftly and smoothly. Their expertise played a crucial role in achieving this outcome. I wholeheartedly recommend CFUIS to anyone seeking reliable, efficient, and trustworthy assistance with their immigration matters. Their commitment to their clients and their outstanding track record speak volumes about their dedication to excellence.

Folarin K.

“Extremely professional, responsive, thorough and detailed oriented”

When I was told to contact immigration attorney Dr. Matins, From the first interview I felt I finally was in good hands, I found someone who cared about my case and how important this was, not just for me but my family as well.

He’s extremely responsive, professional, thoughtful in his advice and communication and is always approachable and respectful. Detailed oriented attorney, knowing exactly what he’s doing, Dr. Martins, and his incredible team, prepared my case in the most meticulous way you can expect and the outcome was the result of a job well done, he got it approved!

Very knowledgeable explains everything from start to finish. I am completely satisfied with the work that this firm has done for me. I would recommend anyone to this firm because I know they will be well taken care of. The reassurance of knowing you have an amazing attorney going at bat for you is the best feeling made everything very seamless. The responsiveness we experienced from day one was unexpected and very much appreciated.

Highly recommended for any of his areas of expertise.

Thanks Dr. Martins.

Porto G.

Dr. Martins did a great job in my case. The only lawyer who solved my immigration problem after going through several other lawyers. I thank him for the excellent work done. 5 stars

Okoye I.

Dr. Martins is one of the best immigration attorneys in the United States, with sound legal education and experiences. He has been my immigration attorney since 2015 and has never failed to deliver. He understands the system very well, he knows the immigration laws on his finger tips and apply the laws in the right directions in his clients’ cases. He has never failed to get it right. Dr. Martins never believe in shady dealings, he is always truthful, jovial, very intelligent, friendly and straight to the point. Telling his clients the truth as it is and should be.
I highly recommend Dr. Martins 100%. Trust me, you will never regret the experience!.

Charles O.

Center for U.S. Immigration Services (CFUIS) is licensed and registered with the relevant authorities, and their team has extensive experience and knowledge in handling different types of immigration cases. I recently got an approval for a Permanent Residence (PR) in the US through their services, and I was very impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail.

They took the time to understand my specific needs and provided me with clear guidance and support throughout the entire process. Their fees were transparent and reasonable, and they were always available to answer any questions I had. They truly cared about my case and worked hard to ensure a successful outcome. Overall, I would highly recommend CFUIS to anyone looking for immigration services. Their team is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to helping their clients achieve their immigration goals.

Lesko O.

I have used the Center for U.S. Immigration Services twice and both times i was confident that the process would be smooth. My first encounter with Dr. Martins and his team was after my divorce, I had just had my son and i needed to file independently. I was assigned to one of the lawyers who took my case head on and was very communicative with every question that I had. I received my permanent resident card about 7 months post filing. Of course when i was eligible to file for naturalization, I did not hesitate to contact CFUIS a second time. And as expected, the process went smoothly. They already had most of my information from previous service, so all i had to do was provide updated documents and wait only 8 months before I was called for an interview and sworn in as a US citizen. I have recommended Dr. Martins and his team to family, coworkers and friends who are in need of an EXPERT when it comes to immigration processes. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Ugbebor T.

I met Dr. Martins through my sister, and my one-on-one meeting with him opened my eyes to some abilities and skills that I did not even know I had.
He is highly knowledgeable, extremely professional, detailed, respectful, kind-hearted, and passionate about helping.
He is very responsive and hardworking and knows when to push when his client slacks.
He is result-oriented and goes all out until his client succeeds.
I cannot tell my success story in the US without him; he encouraged me to seize every opportunity that comes my way and fulfills my American dream.
Dr. Martins and his team picked up my case against all odds, did a lot of research, and worked tirelessly to get my case approved, and today, I’m truly working to fulfill my American dream. So grateful for him because this success story extends to all I have referred to his firm.
I highly recommend him to anyone who needs his expertise in all immigration matters.

Pearce N.

First I must said I was bless and highly favor 🙏 to work with this lawyer firm team. My family life has change completely , words can’t explain how I’m feeling right now great, happy, right now, I have one of the biggest 😀grin. I had one of the most complicated case in America, and this lawyer firm this must be a miracle. I received my green card and I’m very super happy woman thank god, I appreciate 🙏 this firm so much only God understand. I will recommend this law firm to anyone, and everyone stay bless keep doing what you doing .🙏


Dr. Martins, who is the owner of CFUS company, helped me to build my immigration case. He created a strategy and lead the case from the beginning till my family and I got our visas. He is highly professional immigration attorney. I spent weeks surfing the Internet to find the attorney. There were lots great reviews on his work, I chose to to work with him and I didn’t make mistake. Dr. Martins do know his job very well. Also he is a person who always encouraged me not to be desperate. We started the case in President Trump and COVID-19 era. Dr. Martins could fix any issue in the best possible way. I do appreciate all Dr. Martins has done for my family.

Streetman S.

Dr. Martin and his team were one of the most professional and thorough firm I’ve ever seen. He took his time to ensure that I had all of the information and records needed to support my case. He was definitely able to help me achieve a peace of mind which stopped the worrying about my Immigration case. Thank you Dr. Martin! 😊

Taiwo O.

Dr Martins & his team are very professional, current and knowledgeable about the US immigration space. One thing that stands him out is that he sees this mission of helping immigrants as a calling having been through immigration hitches himself. Hence his passion and determination to see his clients succeed. He joins hands with his clients at every step ensuring you do not feel alone and overwhelmed in the process. He and his team (particularly Dayana) are very accessible, courteous, meticulous and tactful. I would recommend his immigration law-firm any day and anytime.

Evelyn O.

Dr. Martins competence, excellent judgement and creative solutions-finding to complex and complicated immigration issues make him and his team an outstanding immigration outfit per excellence. All of these attributes, skills and excellent professional guidance and support made it possible for me to walk through a stressful and sometimes confusing immigration process with a successful outcome. Don’t hesitate in your hiring decision when considering the plethora of immigration lawyers out there. Dr. Martins and his team’s expertise and excellent professional counsel will make it a hassle free experience for you.

Fouche J.

So in 2019 I contacted the Center for U.S Immigration office in Tampa asking the question most people ask, what do I need to immigrate to the USA. The office under Dr. Martins and his attorney Yohan was very helpful and played open cards from the start. They told me it will be difficult but they assured me that they will give it their best. Not once did it feel like they were not sure of what needed to be done. Through every stage they told me exactly what was needed from me to have the process move forward. Even through the Covid they kept their professionalism at the highest mark.
My application was for an Employment based Green Card. Filing the I-485 Dr. Martins knew better and told me to stay in the US under my visitor visa, cause he believed that was the right thing at the time to do. After +- 3 months my Green Card was approved.
For any 1 that needs a good and professional Immigration Firm this truly is the 1 for the job.
I can’t say it enough, thank you very much for the effort and hard work to get me here, awesome work.

Ogechi N.

From the very first time I spoke to Dr. Imudia, he stood out on so many levels. For starters, I had previously conversed with other attorneys about my intent to file. However, his response was the most positive I had heard or experienced. He was convinced that my credentials spoke for themselves and while he didn’t make any promises about a definite approval, he harped on the fact that it was worth giving a shot.

Dr. Imudia was very thorough and took the time to ask questions about my specific situation which to me was a breath of fresh air. It was therefore a no-brainer for me to ask him to represent me.

Dr. Imudia’s level of professionalism is top-notch. As soon as he accepted my case and logistics were out the way, he got to work immediately. He familiarized me as best as possible with the process and didn’t mince words by telling me what to expect throughout. For instance, he mentioned it would entail some hardwork on my end. Most importantly, he was VERY empathetic to my plight and gave prescriptive guidance along the way especially in instances that seemed convoluted. With every aspect of this “journey” he kept me in the loop of all the happenings so that I never felt blindsided for one moment.

I need to emphasize on Dr. Imudia’s attention to detail trait as it’s worth highlighting. He took the time to dot every i and cross every t LITERALLY!! While he was mindful of timelines, he always reiterated that we needed to do things properly, honestly and accurately-I really appreciate that about him. He was also VERY responsive and transparent from start to finish. He also NEVER over-promised on anything relating to the case such as approval timelines and the likes.

Even members of his amazing support staff deserve an honorable mention! They were all very courteous and helpful and also contributed to making this a smooth experience for me.

At the end, it all paid off, thank God!!! I could barely contain my excitement when Dr. Imudia contacted me with the news of my case approval!!!

Finally, I would ABSOLUTELY 1000% recommend that you have Dr. Imudia in your corner as your attorney. Believe me, it will definitely be worth it 🙂

Thank you kindly Dr. Imudia and thank you support staff at CFUIS!

Fornino A.

Best immigration services ever!!! They solved my work permit situation so fast. I felt heard and that my request mattered, also great price and speed of solving the matter. Thank you Dayana for your help and guidance and thanks to the main lawyer for doing his work so quick and fast. You can definitely count on them.

Lawes J.

From start to successful finish, Dr. Martins and his staff were highly professional and took immediate action on my case. I had a few issues going into my i400 application which he was quickly able to clarify and explain to me and, most importantly, knew what actions to take to correct those issues. Updates and communication was always above standard and a few months later I can happily say I am an American citizen which is mostly in part to the help to the quick work of Dr. Martins and staff. Recommend to anyone in need of immigration services!

Afolabi M.

We met Dr. Martins and his team at the crucial time when my family needed immigration help. I must say we were confused on the attorney to hire. However, meeting Dr. Martins and his team from the first day changed our perspective. They were understanding and addressed our doubts through the whole process. Also, every expectation was laid out on the table as far as costs, documentation, timeline with no last minute surprise… we can only say “wow” at the service leading to the success of our case and I would recommend him to anyone out there.

Appiah E.
First of all, let me start by saying that Dr. Martins Imudia is the most loyal and best lawyer you could ever seek advise from. Believe you me if I say loyal and honest I mean it because if you see him on first consultation and he tells you he can or cannot help you, he will let you know upfront and explain the reason why to you.

I first met Dr. Martin in 2015 with my immigration problem, he did walk me through what was going to happen from beginning to end. and yes, I know everyone is cautious about money as well but Dr. Martin will tell you all about that as well and let you know upfront also that, its a matter of time dealing with immigration and therefore has to have patience.

As stated earlier on, my paperwork began in 2015 with Dr. Martin and office staff taking meticulous attention to every sensitive paperwork and follow ups. I am proud to say that with all the effort and hardwork him and his office staff did, my paperwork is complete and now have my green card and live in peace.

I talked to a lot of lawyers in reference to my situation for overstaying my visa and nobody could help me out but Dr. Martin did. Like I said it takes a lot of patience. From 2015 to 2019, and that’s how long it took but everything worked out.

So, all you people out there looking for a lawyer to represent you on serious and tough immigration issues, please pick the phone up and call Dr. Martins Imudia. that all I can say.

Thank you so much Dr. Martins and employees for being the best out there to help me out.

Kaphley M.

I experienced the best lawyer in Tampa to apply for my green card from center for U.S Immigration. Dr. Martins is the best lawyer in Tampa.

Kidd M.

M. Imudia helped me to put together a package to answer a request for questions/additional information that the USCIS office asked of me. I appreciate that he was available when we called and his experience helped us win the case.

Cabrera A.

Dr. Martins and his team made this transition of a student visa to a permanent resident super easy. Great team to work with!


They have helped several of my clients and actually follow through with the case from beginning to end. Maintaining credit and concern while putting years of knowledge and professionalism into practice. I would highly recommend 👌.

Amens A.

This is the best immigration lawyer in the country. I never regretted my going there.

Client Reviews and Testimonials – CFUIS Bradenton

Smith O.

Yohan’s office provided excellent legal advice on my case for obtaining legal immigration status. His team was very professional and knowledgeable concerning immigration matters. He was always easily accessible and kept me up to date regarding my case progress and any pending documents. In addition, he was courteous, empathetic, and patient with my concerns during our interactions. Ultimately, my case was resolved within a remarkable time frame with Yohan’s guidance, and I am very appreciative. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for competent legal services concerning immigration.

Davi H.

I originally tried to help my dad file some forms by ourselves and unfortunately made an error that almost cost his entire case, thanks to Attorney Yohan and his amazing team we were not only able to fix that form in time but we also had no complications and now thankfully he is a resident of the USA.

Moroney D.

Our organization had several questions and needed a consult. Yohan at the Bradenton office was exceptional. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and kind. Having someone who you know really cares about their clients makes all the difference. Definitely recommend.

Lana E.

Thank you Mr. Yohan and your team for helping me to accomplish my dream with immigration that already had more than 5 years without success and for the commitment and dedication of Mr. Yohan your team !! my dream come true !!! I m really appreciate , I several recommended

Frank S.

Yohan A. Zingile took charge of my wife’s process for the green card and did a good job.
I will recommend him, and the Center for U.S. Services, if anybody needs his expertise.
Thank you Yohan and wish you well.

Fouche J.

So my story started in the Tampa office by contacting Dr. Martins at the Center for Immigration Services Tampa in 2019. Yohan was part of my process from the start. They took me through the whole process of Employment Based Green Card. It was a hard and difficult process and I was told that from the start. Yohan played open cards with me from the start and was very professional the whole way. Yohan always kept me informed when ever I needed the know something. Here today I have my Green Card, well done Yohan for the professional job that you did.

I highly recommend any 1 that want to immigrate to the USA to contact this firm, they know what they doing and are super professional.

Again thank you very much, awesome job


Very friendly, Yohan was really helpful and explained walked us through a mock interview. The initial visit Yohan wasn’t pushy about having a lawyer present for the interview and gave us time to think and get back to him if we wanted to have him with us. Professional and would recommend to anyone looking for a lawyer for immigration.

Badhwar M.

From start to finish an absolute pleasure to meet and work with. Any visit felt like I was visiting a friend, great service and super friendly but also no-nonsense and clearly know their stuff here. I just needed a little guidance. I received a detailed and almost immediate response that clearly answered my question. The whole team was super polite and even friendly in emails, not at all stiff-and-starched like most attorneys. I wrote to thank the team and received a very warm email back, wishing my family all the best. If you have any immigration concerns this is the ONLY firm you should consider.

Ubiera G.

I tried to do my process on my own. But, I struggled a lot with the embassy back and forth. Thanks to Yohan A. Zingile at Bradenton’s office everything was so smooth and I got to the end of my process in no time . I really recommend him for any immigration service.

Zibde M.

Thanks very much for Mr. Yohan who was very kind to both of us (wife and myself) during our meeting with him two days ago. He expressed to us all the details that we requested concerning our raised issue to him. In addition, we enjoyed much talking with him. He was indeed very cooperative, subjective and much more to us. Thanks again to Mr. Yohan and your esteemed entity.

Zeno E.

We worked with Yohan and he made the process very smooth. He checked in with us throughout the whole process and we couldn’t be more satisfied with Yohan and the center for U.S. immigration service. We would highly recommend them.

Dipasqua V.

From the very beginning of our engagement with Yohan he was professional, thorough, questioning, and responsive. His timing with submissions and follow-up was on point. We followed his instructions for USCIS visits which resulted in Liza receiving her 10 year permanent resident card. Using him as a liaison is highly recommended.

Vega A.

Yohan Zingile got me my green card I recommend is 100% would definitely work with him again for any other process thank you.

Holly S.

Yohan was our immigration lawyer for my permanent residency. Highly efficient and covered all the bases! I received residency in a very reasonable time! Thank you so much Yohan! From John & Holly.


I highly recommend them. Yohan gave me very accurate info that I could not get anywhere else. They are very knowledgeable and you can can tell they care about their clients. I’m very happy with their service!

Severino D.

They made us feel confident that our case would have a positive outcome and it did. They have the knowledge and experience to handle your immigration issues. I’m very happy my wife and I choose them. Thankful for Center for US Immigration services

Uzo V.

I received strong legal guidance and answers to pertinent questions during my naturalization application process. The attorney here was very professional and the legal support I received was extremely helpful throughout the process.

Araiza E.

Completely professional and left no questions unanswered! I am incredibly happy with my experience as I fix my spouse’s green card, I received the best care possible, and the best service by the most knowledgeable and professional people.

Garcia A.

Tanks GOD for the service this firm provides to me and my family I’m happy .
They are very professionals so if anybody need help with any paperwork with immigration I highly recommend them .
So I recommend them and I’m learning is better to get somebody with knowledge with immigration on the way do you not spend time and money and you’re saving money and time when you get the right person to do the right paperwork. I like to say thank you to everyone there. God bless everyone.

Client Reviews and Testimonials – CFUIS Orlando

Garibay G.

My family and I have have trusted Larry with two cases. Throughout the entire process, Larry was always communicative, transparent, and available for any questions or concerns we had. I highly recommend him and will definitely reach out to him if needed. Happy to say, both of my parents’ dreams were made possible thanks to Larry’s help.


Hardworking, honest & confidential
I highly recommend Larry, he is ready to help you out and will be straight forward with you. He is also well educated in U.S. immigration laws.
He helped my case tremendously and did so with the fastest way possible.
His care and his devotion is unreal.
Throughout the process of my case Larry and his team stayed in constant contact with me, sent reminders of upcoming dates and procedures, he basically handled everything for me.
Obviously, I had to supply him with the documents needed but he organized everything and handled everything else.
Not only has he helped me but also other family members.
The level of effort and excellence that Larry offers, you can’t find easily. If you are looking for a lawyer, stop now, you will not regret having Larry by your side. You want an attorney to get the job done, talk to him he is Always prepared! And ready to help.
Larry is amazing and diligent and I cannot say Thank you enough I will forever be grateful May god continue to bless you with health and success to keep helping more people 🙏

Garcia I.

I would honestly recommend Larry and his team.
They exceed our expectations.
Thanks to Larry I’m once again reunited with my family after years been separated.
He’s very clear and honest with what the process was going to be and what I need to provide him to get my case done.
Larry has the best communication with his clients.
He would always give me update via emails or calls, always keeps us on the loop regarding our case.

Diaz M.

I’m so blessed to have such an honest lawyer 🙌 🙏 guiding me, not scamming me for my money as the last few. Working with Larry brings me hope ,he is always available to answer any questions I might have. I really appreciate his honesty and thank him for looking out for me and my financial status. 🙏 It’s hard to find a great lawyer, took me many scams from others but I’m blessed to have Larry and his team helping me now . HE WILL BE HONEST WITH YOU !!!!!

Youssef K.

I was fortunate to have the services of a very professional office in filing my TN visa and my H-1B visa applications. Mr. Larry Doan took extra care in making sure all the supporting documents were included. Mr. Doan’s clarity in communication and candid responses to my questions made the process easy and straightforward. His assistant, Allison, was very courteous and prompt in all email correspondences regarding my part in the process. Mr. Doan’s office really attends to the needs of their clients. I especially appreciated how the office establishes a personal rapport that makes me feel comfortable requesting their professional legal services in the future.

Wang P.

No words can truly express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart for Attorney Larry Doan has been helping on my mom’s immigration case. Attorney Doan’s professionalism and dedication, his true heart caring about his clients, I have never seen any other compatible attorneys I have experienced. He replies to our concerns promptly, explains legal rationales or procedures responsively, uses his intensive professional knowledge to analyze problems, makes plans, and develops solutions for clients actively. Most importantly, his plans always worked out incredibly well. Due to my mom’s complicated health issues, her immigration interview was postponed repeatedly over the years, and she finally got the case closed. Attorney Doan has been patiently helping us to submit legal documents to communicate with different governmental sections. To reopen my mom’s case, he helped with evidence collection and analysis, drafted the attorney letter with impeccable logic to appeal, and my mom’s case reopened! Attorney Doan was our angel who helped reunite my mom and me in the US. He also helped with legal research for my other cases. His professional spirit can be seen everywhere.

Cardona V.

I have no words in how grateful we are with your work Larry, always straight forward and very knowledgeable with your work. We appreciate your knowledge towards your job because of it my husband is back home as a permanent resident and it’s truly priceless.

Client Reviews and Testimonials – CFUIS Clearwater


Patricia is a great lawyer extremely recommended, very knowledgeable, and very sweet. She helped my family member in a deportation case, me and my family are extremely grateful for her all her help and all her support she is passionate in her career. I highly recommend her for any legal services. Thank you Patty

Diaz J.

I visited Patricia and ask information for the process of becoming a US citizen , she was very professional and friendly , explain me everything in Spanish .. highly recommended!!