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Elizabeth Rojas
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Elizabeth Rojas

Elizabeth Rojas – was born in Tampa, Florida where she has lived all her life. She grew up in a predominantly Mexican household. At an early age she knew that what made her happy and fulfilled in life was the act of helping others. With the above in mind, she set out to obtain a four-year bachelor’s degree in political science at the University of Florida.

Her passion for immigration grew from the constant interaction and personal experience with the immigrants in her family and community. She had to watch and experience the hardships that most immigrants pass through to achieve their American dream. To many, she has provided support through difficult times which she hopes to continue through clients’ advocacy service – community outreach and clients’ direct services.

Elizabeth is involved in cultural activities and events for the community and her church. Being involved in these types of events throughout her life has helped her learn about other cultures and create bonds with those in need. Elizabeth is happily married and likes reading on her spare time.

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