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Federal Litigation

Throughout our many years of experience as a immigration services provider,  we recognize the fact that government agencies delays, and in some cases erroneously denies applications. The judicial process which acts as a gate keeper to protecting the most vulnerable immigrants at times is subject to error or bad judgment. That is why it becomes imperative to discover ways to fight your case in Federal Court if USCIS or other immigration agencies delays, denies or puts you in removal, deportation, or exclusion proceedings.

A petition for review must be filed within 30 days of the decision. Petitions to the federal court may force the USCIS or other immigration agencies to reverse their earlier decisions.

We understand that in addition to the incredible complexities of immigration law, taking on the Government in federal court can be a daunting task. Therefore, we offer our experience and expertise (over 40 years of combined team experience) to you and your clients, who might be stuck waiting for a decision by USCIS or have received clearly faulty decisions and wonder what to do next.

We as an immigration services provider, provide comprehensive federal litigation, including but not limited to immigration matters. In recent years, we have encountered more delays or outright legally erroneous decisions from the USCIS. That led us to dedicate a part of our practice to aggressively pursuing relief in Federal Court to move cases forward or to correct flawed decisions by the USCIS or other agencies.

Since there are different processes to pursue your case at the Federal Court, we encourage you to visit our website to schedule an appointment on or call on: +1.813.298.7222, +1.800.403.8117 or Email: to learn more about how you can challenge denials or delays in your matter.