Getting into the United States on an immigrant visa is anything but easy. While there is hope if you have a specialized skill set to offer the market, it will still be a long road ahead. You will be drowning in red tape and paperwork, and for permanent residency, you could be waiting years for approval. The fact is, a lot of people want to come to the United States, but not so many people get there.

Even as a highly skilled immigrant worker, you will face many challenges in getting your immigration application approved. Fortunately, with the help of an immigration lawyer in the U.S., you can hope to navigate some of the paperwork nightmares and get approval for yourself and your family. Still, it will not be easy. You will want the guidance of an experienced U.S. immigration law firm to make sure your application is well prepared and ready to go.

To get you started, though, if you are a highly skilled worker and ready to live and work in the United States, here are some things you should consider.

Discussing Visa Options with an Immigration Lawyer

Being a high skilled foreign worker gives you a greater chance at succeeding when you are working with an immigration lawyer in the U.S. to come into the country. Still, you will want to be aware of the different options that are available to you. There are many different types of visas and programs targeted towards high skilled workers in the U.S. immigration system.

The type of visa you apply for, however, may depend upon your level of skill as well as your specific specialty field. It may also depend upon your individual circumstances. Are you in school? Do you have an advanced degree? Are you at the very top of your field? Do you possess “extraordinary ability” in your field of expertise? These are just a few questions you will have to answer when considering which visa to apply for.

If you are in a U.S. college or university and soon to graduate, you may consider working in the United States with an OPT, a program that allows foreign U.S. college or university graduates to work and train in the country for up to three year depending on your area of study. After OPT, many students have successfully been placed in H-1B program. The H-1B program is designed for skilled workers in specialty fields like business, engineering, health, among others, are contingent on a job offer from an existing U.S. company. H-1B visas can be hard to get due to the annual numerical limit.

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Alternatively, you may seek another employment-based visa like EB-1, EB-2, EB-4, or even EB-5. If you are an athlete or artist, you might want to seek a P-1 visa. You should consult an immigration lawyer to assess your eligibility. A professional online evaluation with an experienced immigration lawyer may give you some much needed direction.

Get in touch with an immigration lawyer immediately to determine the best path for you. A member of our team would be happy to schedule a consultation for you, and with years of experience and knowledge of immigration law packed in, we will be able to help you determine the best visa program for you. There are several immigration and nonimmigration visas for skilled workers that an immigration lawyer in the U.S. will be able to assist you with.

PERM Labor Certification

The United States is open for business when it comes to serving the best and brightest, skilled, and hard-working immigrants. However, the U.S. immigration system is also designed with the domestic worker in mind, with U.S. workers receiving priority for all employment. What does that mean for you?

It means that for various visa categories, you may be required to undergo PERM labor certification. This process, facilitated and required by the U.S. Department of Labor, ensures that a company hiring foreign workers is not adversely affecting job opportunities for American citizens. This process usually involves a testing of the market through advertising which the U.S. employer must conduct.

For certain categories of visas there is no labor certification requirement. A good immigration lawyer in the U.S. can help you determine if you need to undergo this process or not. If that is the case, a good immigration law firm like CFUIS can help you get the ball rolling on the process.

Skill Levels and Specialty Fields

You will probably need the help of an immigration lawyer to determine the best visa or work program that works for your skill level and your specific field of specialty. Many employment-based visas exist for various categories you excel in such as business, science, or the arts.

H-1B visas, for instance, often cater to workers in the STEM fields, whereas P-1 visas may exist exclusively for athletes and other entertainers to perform for a specific length of time. EB-1 employment-based visas are available for those who display “extraordinary” ability in their fields or are outstanding professors and researchers, or multinational managers or executives.

From the H-1B visa you can apply for an EB-1 Green Card.

You should always turn to an immigration lawyer to help you determine your level of skill and help you figure out how to prove it to USCIS. Guessing work is too often half the battle for many skilled immigrant workers, and that is where a good immigration lawyer in the U.S. can help. CFUIS wants to help make your process as painless as possible.

Denied Petitions and Visa Ineligibility

Nothing is more frustrating or devastating than a denial on any petition or application, yet it happens all the time. There are many reasons a petition may be denied, or you may come up as ineligible for a visa. While this can be a significant setback, you should not panic.

In many cases, a denied application or petition may be overcome. Hence the importance of seeking the help of an experienced immigration lawyer. Contact one of our immigration lawyers today.

Can an Immigration Lawyer Help Get Visas for My Family?

It is not uncommon to hear family concerns from immigrants, even those with visas to perform highly skilled work in the United States. However, do not fear. The American immigration system, while often difficult and ridden with red tape, usually keeps your family in mind. Most immigrant and nonimmigrant visas in these programs come with provisions for your immediate family. This includes your spouse and minor unmarried children under the age of 21.

While the visa your family enjoys will be based on your visa category, they are separate visas. An immigration lawyer can assist you in applying for a visa for you and your family. Here at CFUIS, we want you and your family in the country swiftly, legally, and smoothly. Schedule a consultation with us today.

Get Started with An Immigration Lawyer in the U.S. Today

As a high skilled foreign worker, you have much to offer the American economy. You deserve to be here. Fortunately, the American immigration system makes provisions for you to be here. The bad news is that it is not going to be an easy process.

As a high skilled worker, you should be focused on your job and delivering your skills and services to your employer. With the help of an immigration lawyer at CFUIS, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you trust a seasoned and experienced immigration lawyer to take some of the load off. We will not make your immigration woes go away, but we will get you on the track to success.

Call 800-403-8117 today for a consultation and let us help you get started with your new career and new life in the United States. The complexities of the immigration system are not going away any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you have to handle them alone.

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