We often speak with universities, colleges, international student programs, and international students about the journey from international student to permanent U.S. resident or citizenship in the United States.

We hear from international students that they are perpetually enrolled to remain in the United States and have been told that this is the best way. This may not be the ideal option as a school can be exhaustive and expensive.

During the time at school, a student’s situation can change drastically and this may affect what options may be available. Students can achieve specialized degrees or accommodations, they may have careers in sectors that are underserved by American workers, they may have fallen in love and gotten married and/or started a family, or a number of other reasons that can determine their future.

By contacting a qualified immigration attorney, a student can review what options they have and learn what steps they should take next to secure the future they want. There are no guarantees that contacting an immigration attorney will facilitate a permanent residency or citizenship. Students should be careful to seek advice from qualified legal professionals who the student has properly vetted. Never give financial information, money or sign contracts before properly researching credentials.

To learn more about options available to international students, schedule a consultation with one of our immigration attorneys.