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Investing in the United States: Tips for Success

Like many of his clients, immigration attorney Dr. Martins I. Imudia came to the United States with a dream and a general concept of what worked for businesses in his home country of Nigeria. His experiences and business acumen in the United States inspired him to write the book “The Investors’ Guide to U.S. Immigration Law.” The goal of the book is to help others succeed in their transition to the U.S. marketplace.

Investing in the United States through programs like the Immigrant Investor Program (also known as the EB-5 Program) requires a substantial commitment of capital and job creation. It is vital that an individual succeeds to meet program requirements and keep their hard-earned investment.

You can find a link to Dr. Imudia’s book on his bio

By | December 18th, 2019|Business Law, Investments|Comments Off on Investing in the United States: Tips for Success
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