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L-1 Multinational Corporation Employee | Companies that Sponsor L1 Visa

There are companies that sponsor l1 Visa. Companies with more than one location in the United States and in other countries can sponsor non-U.S. citizens to move to the U.S. This is possible using L-1 visas. The person must have worked for the company in another country for at least one continuous year.

L-1 time limits
There are limits to how long a person can live and work in the U.S. on an L-1 visa. The limits depend on the type of job:

  • Managers and executives can apply to have an L-1A visa for up to seven years.
  • Workers who have special knowledge of things like the company’s products, systems, research, operations, management, or procedures can apply to have an L-1B visa for up to five years. The company has to prove that this information isn’t available already in the U.S.

Rules for new companies
There are special rules for companies that are new:

  • An L-1 visa is approved for one year instead of seven or five years.
  • After the first year, a three-year visa may be approved if the company can show it was successful. The USCIS will use the number of jobs added and financial statements of the company to decide if the company was successful.

Blanket L-1 visa option
Larger companies that want to sponsor more than one worker can use the Blanket L-1 visa option. This allows the company to list more than one employee on the application.

If the Blanket L-1 is approved, there is more flexibility in the future to bring workers to the U.S. We can help you decide if your company meets the requirements for the Blanket L-1 option.

Contact us: you can’t afford delays
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