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Practice Areas | Professional US Immigration Services

The United States has been shaped from the beginning by people from many nations. In fact, most of the founders of the United States have ancestors born far from the thirteen original colonies. Today, the United States continues to be a magnet for foreign nationals.

Immigrants want to be part of the American dream. Some come to the United States as students, others through marriage, and still others come to explore better business or employment opportunities. Many also come to escape political or social persecution.

One thing that is true for all immigrants is that US immigration services can be complex and difficult to navigate. That is why we have committed ourselves to bridging this gap and being the advocate that individuals in need deserve.

We can help with all immigration situations
We are experts in the immigration process and are dedicated to using our knowledge to help our clients overcome the obstacles, challenges and unforeseen circumstances that often happen. Our general immigration unit takes care of Family Sponsorship, VAWA, Political Asylum/Refugee Status, TPS, Employment Sponsorship, Diversity Visa Lottery, Waivers, Deportation Defense, Consular Processing, Permanent Residency, United States Citizenship, among other areas.

Contact us
We know the stress and confusion that the process can cause. With our professional US immigration services, we can answer your questions and help make the process easier. Schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorneys, email us, fill our contact us form, or call us at 813-298-7222.