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EB-4 Visa – Religious Workers Special Immigration

The EB-4 visa is for religious workers who want to move to the United States permanently.

The Definition of a Religious Worker

Before applying, you must be a member of a religious denomination that is a nonprofit organization for at least two years. The nonprofit has to be seen as legal by the U.S.

EB-4 Visa Requirements

Job Requirements

You must be moving for a job that meets the following standards:

  • The job must be full time. That means you must work for at least 35 hours each week.
  • You must be paid for the job, either salaried or unsalaried.
  • Your job must be at a nonprofit religious organization or at an organization that has a relationship with a religious denomination.
  • Your role at the organization must be religious, like a minister or spiritual advisor. We can help you decide if the job you want is considered religious.

Job History Requirements

Your job history matters too. You have to meet the following standards:

  • You must already have a job that fits the descriptions above.
  • You should have started work at this job after you turned age 14.
  • You must have worked at this job for two continuous years immediately before applying. If the two years are not continuous it may be okay if the following is true:
    • You were a religious worker at a different job.
    • You were still a member of the same denomination.
    • The break wasn’t longer than two years.
    • The break was for religious training or sabbatical, but not unauthorized work in the U.S.

Requirements of the Organization

The religious organization you want to work for has to prove they are a nonprofit. This usually happens by showing paperwork that says the organization is tax-exempt. The organization also has to explain how you will be paid.

Contact us

There is a lot to consider before applying for a EB-4 religious worker visa. We can answer your questions and make sure you fill out the forms correctly. Call us today at 813-298-7222, email us, fill our contact form, or schedule an appointment.