If there is a god and he is an Attorney, his name is Dr. Martins Imudia. I kid you not, this might sound overly exaggerated or farfetched, but I am being serious and sincere. I seldom write reviews, but I feel I owe it to people who are undergoing immigration challenges (having done everything by the books to be in good standing and sought different Attorney’s advice from both big and small firms) without much success.

I can relate with this experience because at some point, I was yet to find an Attorney who could give me any form of hope, not even 10% hope. I must say that hiring Dr. Martins has been one of the best decision I ever made in life and I would recommend him 150%. No doubt my case was a little challenging, but not different from the average immigration case. However, my case became extremely complex before retaining Dr. Martins. Dr. Martins was introduced to me by a friend during the most difficult period of my life. He was referred as the best Immigration and Business Attorney in town, while he stated that there was no case beyond him. I was simply asked to adhere to his advice(s).

For me, those words seemed like the normal lyrics I had heard; previously, I sought the likes of big firms like Fowler White Burnett and Buchanan Ingerscoll & Rooney PC etc… and there was no glimmer of hope. My friend mentioned he was once Dr. Martins client and his referral was based on his personal testimonial, hearing this gave me a little hope. Upon meeting Dr. Martins, he made it clear the challenges I would encounter and based on my case evaluation, he was convinced of a positive outcome. I knew my case was not beyond redemption, though he mentioned that I had to do my part as well. The journey was indeed very rough, my only hope was my faith as a Christian and Mr. Martins constantly assuring me to stay positive. He said “hope you are not giving up too easily”. Finally, we won! I was mesmerized and ecstatically happy by the outcome.

I can categorically say that Dr. Martins is one of the few immigration experts in the US with outstanding result/record. He is energetic, professional and extremely hardworking; of course, he is very empathetic and willing to go above and beyond for his clients. Thank you so much Dr. Martins, you believed in my case and in me when others did not. I am beyond grateful for all the hard work you and your team put on my case.